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Distance Table - TMap
  • Each leg of the intended voyage is coloured separately on the map to give users a clear and distinct indication of which leg relates to which calculated distance.
  •  Users can select a start date and time that fits a vessels itinerary which will automatically calculate all subsequent ETA’s for each leg of the journey – providing a quick schedule to evaluate important time constraints.
  • Apply own sea margin (extra %) to apply to the total distance, so factor in a bad weather allowance
  • Apply own routing point to a sea leg, allowing a deviation from the plotted route (so routing via the Dover Strait rather than going north about Scotland from Skaw)
  • Apply any speed to the distance calculator to return the total number of sea days and itinerary to perform the given voyage
  • ECA/SECA distances are shown separately (along with the respective sea days) providing a quick “Low Sulphur Overview”
  • Additional filters can be toggled on/off as required:
    • Minimise ECA/SECA
    • Avoid Piracy Zones
    • Include/Exclude Panama Canal
    • Include/Exclude Suez Canal
    • Include/Exclude Kiel Canal